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We've created discounted packages to help the community and our clients help boost their immune systems with protective vitamins and detoxing antioxidants:

Immune Boosting IV: Normally $199 - NOW $169 (20% off)
Vitamin C IV: Starting at $169 - 20% off
Vitamin D injections: $30 - Now $24
Free Vitamin B12 injections for all first responders working for the town of Hampton, to help boost energy

Immune-boosting supplement combination packs including:
☀️Vitamin C ☀️Vitamin D ☀️Vitamin A ☀️Iodine
Normally $199 - Now $169 (20%)

Get your natural flu shot, Engystol! $60 each / 3 for $150
Engystol® is a homeopathic remedy which has been scientifically proven to...
  • Strengthen natural immune response in cases of viral infection
  • Reduce recovery times and severity of symptoms
  • Help protect against subsequent flu and cold viral infections
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