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Microdermabrasion is a wonderful alternative to harsh lasers and chemical peels. Non-invasive and non-surgical, there is no downtime and you’ll be cleared to resume your normal daily activities right away without any restrictions – perfect for men and women who have full lives they’re eager to get back to.

One of the most appealing benefits of our exfoliator machine and microdermabrasion wand is how quickly the treatment produces results. It’s very common for clients to see more beautiful skin after just one session, though most will require four to ten office visits for optimal results depending on their skin type and condition.

Other important benefits of Microdermabrasion include the system’s ability to:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin
  • Minimize the look of age spots
  • Target blotchiness and redness
  • Reduce scars from acne, injuries or the chickenpox
  • Extract blackheads and whiteheads
  • Improve the overall health of your skin
  • Complement cosmetic procedures and laser treatments
  • Breathe new life into oily or dull skin
  • Improve clogged or large pores

Signs Of Aging

The signs of aging emerge before you know it. Facial lines, wrinkles, age spots and more are all indications that you (and your skin) are growing older. How quickly these effects develop will depend mainly on your lifestyle and genetics, with regular sun exposure, a diet high in simple carbohydrates and chronic stress all contributing to an accelerated process.

Regardless of when in your life the telltale signs of aging appear, you’ll want to address them quickly so they don’t continue to worsen. Microdermabrasion offers a gentle yet extremely effective way to treat early facial aging by targeting the outer layer of your skin where flaws exist. As soon as fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, crow’s feet, and discoloration appear, begin scheduling regular treatments to minimize their effects.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Creases, furrows, fine lines, and wrinkles. No one likes them, but we all have to face them sooner or later. That’s because, with age, our skin naturally becomes thinner and less supple. It loses its ability to defend itself against pollution, sun exposure and toxins.

As such, even with the best preventative care – applying sunscreen, staying indoors, drinking plenty of water and avoiding cigarettes – these signs of aging will appear eventually. And when they do, you’ll need a targeted treatment that can address them effectively without irritating your skin. With several diamond microdermabrasion sessions spaced a couple of weeks apart, many clients experience a noticeable improvement in their fine lines and wrinkles, along with an overall more youthful appearance.

Skin Tone & Vibrancy

A dull complexion and uneven skin tone can emerge for a number of reasons. Your skin may be chronically dehydrated, you may be under stress and not sleeping enough, or you may have been exposed to excessive UV rays and pollution. However, the number one contributor to lackluster skin is a lack of exfoliation. You have to consistently slough way the dead cells so you can see the fresh and bright complexion hiding underneath.

Exfoliating also creates a fresh surface area so topical products can deeply penetrate your skin, increasing their potency and effectiveness. As soon as you start exfoliating more regularly with professional microdermabrasion treatments, you should see more vibrant skin, a more even skin tone and increased effectiveness from your skincare products.

Skin Texture

Uneven skin texture is very common. It’s the result of excess dead cells that have built up on the surface of your skin, causing roughness and a dull appearance. The problem is exacerbated by chronic sun exposure, the aging process, skin that is naturally dry, and regular exposure to toxins, such as cigarette smoke. One of the best ways to remedy this situation is with regular professional exfoliation treatments that can clear away the dead cells and restore your smooth complexion.


Hyperpigmentation occurs when your body produces too much melanin in certain areas, creating dark spots on your skin. This tends to occur on areas of the body that are frequently exposed to the sun, such as the face, neck, and hands. Treating hyperpigmentation is fairly easy with microdermabrasion, which can lighten the spots in just a few treatments. However, to prevent the condition from worsening while you treat it, it’s important to diligently reapply sunscreen and cover up to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Congested Skin

Congested skin is essentially another word for clogged pores, which eventually leads to blackheads, whiteheads, and acne. The primary factors contributing to clogged pores are excess oil and sebum production, dead skin cells, makeup, toxins, and pollution. One of the best ways to clear away this congestion is with gentle and consistent exfoliation. It deeply cleans your skin, prevents breakouts and helps to restore a smooth and clear complexion.

Enlarged Pores

Pores serve an important purpose – providing oil to keep your skin looking soft and feeling hydrated. However, when they are clogged with oil, bacteria, and debris, they become more prominent and unsightly. Left untreated, your pores can become permanently enlarged and breakouts can develop.

Whether or not you suffer from enlarged pores depends heavily on your genetics. If you have thick and oily skin, chances are good that your pores are naturally larger and more easily clogged. Fortunately, this condition is fairly easy to address with regular exfoliation treatments that are designed to clear away the congestion and ensure that your pores are as discreet as possible.

Lackluster Skin

Perhaps you don’t suffer from a specific condition like wrinkles or hyperpigmentation, but your complexion appears chronically dull and lifeless. This is a common occurrence as people age and dead cells build up on the surface of their skin. When this happens, regular diamond microdermabrasion is a terrific way to improve your general skin health. By sloughing away dead cells and promoting cellular turnover, the procedure can give you the bright complexion you want and ensure that your skin looks and feels its best.

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