Red light LED therapy increases results in skin rejuvenation and hair regrowth while reducing inflammation by stimulating blood flow and increasing production of the vital cellular fuel. You’ll experience more efficient healing and rejuvenation during a relaxing session bathed in healing light.


Top 3 Benefits of Red Light LED Therapy

wound healing & tissues repair

Red light therapy has been shown to positively affect skin cells through regeneration of fibroblasts, keratinocytes and modulation of immune cells all found within skin tissue.

Anti-Aging Effects for skin & hair loss

Clients treated with red light therapy experience significantly improved skin complexion, improved skin tone, improved texture/feeling, reduced skin roughtness, reced signs of wrinkles and fine lines, and increased collagen.

reduced depression & fatigue

Red light therapy has been shown to increase self-confidence, positivity, passion, joyfulness, laughter, social awareness, conversation skills and sensory stimulation in some patients.

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