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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photorejuvenation

is a treatment for brown spots, redness, age spots, broken blood vessels, and rosacea. IPL devices use multiple wavelengths of light to treat sun-induced changes on the face, including brown pigmentation, age spots, and broken blood vessels. IPL is also used to treat the facial changes of rosacea, including redness and broken blood vessels. IPL may be used for these changes on the hands, neck, and chest as well. It is safe, non-invasive and is tailored to the individual patient’s skin.

The treatment area is cleansed. A cool gel is applied to the area being treated. Dark glasses are worn to protect the patient’s eyes from the light. With the patient in a comfortable, relaxed position, the IPL handpiece is gently applied to the skin and light pulses are applied.

Treatments usually take approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on which area is being treated. When the pulses of light are applied to the skin, patients feel some stinging, similar in sensation to the snapping of a small rubber band against the skin. We have topical anesthetic available for patients prior to treatment.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal

Like laser hair removal, IPL treats unwanted hair with quick, focused and powerful flashes of light. This technology emits light energy, which is absorbed by pigment. The heat damages the follicle to the point where it can fall out on its own. This results in interrupting the hair growth cycle, which can prevent hair from growing back for a long time.

IPL uses a variation of the light source employed by most laser treatments. The difference is that it leverages broad-spectrum visible light, not laser properties. It targets the melanin found in pigment and has other uses like eliminating spider veins by targeting blood’s hemoglobin.

Here’s how it works:

The laser pulses in short bursts to break down pigment upon contact so the body can reabsorb it. The quick pulses reduce the chance of burns when using this laser, which makes it a good option for those with darker skin tones, too.

Light-based skin revitalization is a non-surgical treatment that will improve your skin’s appearance quickly and easily. This advanced technology clears undesirable brown spots, sun damage, and vessels, revealing clearer, more beautiful skin. Pulses of light target unwanted pigment and vessels within your skin. The light delivered causes them to slowly disappear through your body’s natural healing process. IPL devices are not lasers but may be a component of medical laser device housing multiple capabilities. IPL treatments are safe to revitalize skin and do not cause cancer. There is no radiation involved in an IPL treatment.

IPL treatments can also be called Photofacials, or Fotofacials . This terminology is the technique or procedure name accomplished with an IPL medical device. These names often appear in marketing materials, but these catchy terms are just describing IPL as a treatment.

Consumer tip: Safety first!

Make sure your provider has advanced integrated technology within the IPL device to measure your skin’s melanin index or Fitzpatrick scale. Melanin is your skin’s defense mechanism. The sun is the major cause of increased melanin production. There are also factors that can contribute to melanin production like hormone imbalances, aging, or inflammation processes. Knowing your melanin index will determine ideal settings for your skin and ensure safety with optimal results.

Here at Complexions, LLC we use the Cynasure Skintel® system integrated with the Cynasure® Icon IPL system to accurately read and adjust settings for your safety. Darker ethnic skin tones can now be safely treated like never before!

Frequently Asked Questions

1What areas can be treated?
Pretty much any area can be treated. Most common are the full face, neck, the décolleté, and hands.
2Does it hurt? It shouldn’t.
Cooling technology should be integrated into the device for your comfort. Although there is heat produced as the light energy is delivered, it shouldn’t be painful or intolerable. As the provider guides the handpiece over the treatment area you should feel cooling on the skin. This contact cooling will maximize your comfort during the treatment, making it an extremely tolerable experience. What you will feel is a snapping sensation like a rubber band hitting your skin, but no intolerable pain.
3What happens after treatment?
Slight redness or a slight sunburn appearance can occur. Most people experience a mild, sunburn-like sensation, possibly accompanied by some very minor swelling, immediately following the treatment. This usually lasts 2 to 24 hours. After treatment for pigment with sun damage or age spots, a peppering-like appearance will occur when the pigmented area has been nicely targeted. The pigment is breaking up and rising to the surface of the skin to be shed away!
4What type of result can I expect?
Expect to see a decrease in the appearance of brown spots and vessels for a more even skin tone. You will see some improvement immediately followed by continued improvement over time.
5How long does the treatment take?
The treatment can be performed in about 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the area. When can I resume my daily activities? Typically, there is no downtime, and you can return to your daily activities immediately following the treatment.
6The cost?
A single treatment runs about $299-$350 on average. It’s best to always save money by purchasing a package. A commitment to keeping one’s skin in optimal shape, tone, and texture is an ongoing process.

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