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Acne isn’t often inspirational, but for Complexions co-founder Chris Bray, experience with the skin condition in his youth unknowingly planted a seed for future motivation. As those with acne are aware, daily tasks take on an extra level of difficulty as sufferers try to navigate personal interactions and introductions. As Chris experienced, putting one’s best self forward may make an acne sufferer feel as though they are starting a step behind everyone else, especially as teens and young adults. Emotional and psychological issues are frequent companions to those suffering from more severe forms of the condition, such as Chris experienced in his youth. The only effective solution offered to Chris at the time was in the form of a pill, which had unfortunate long term complications of dry lips, skin, and eyes. To this day Chris constantly carries around chap-stick to combat the dry lips he experiences.

The universal desire to help others runs strong in Chris. When starting Complexions, his first thought was to help others in ways he personally connected with. Chris remembered his younger self and his problems with acne and channeled his desire to help people into the personal cutting edge regenerative skincare and wellness center we now know as Complexions. Have an in-depth conversation with Chris, and you’ll soon discover his commitment to providing the most effective, least invasive and most natural and holistic products at Complexions. This focus on finding new and effective treatments is evident in Complexions’ service and product line, including the new LED blue light therapy for acne. As I’ve witnessed Chris say multiple times, “I wish Microneedling was around when I was younger, it would have changed my life.”

A Personal Touch

Your experience at Complexions begins with an in-depth, personalized consultation with an experienced & knowledgeable member of our staff. Whether you are concerned with health & wellness, fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, spider veins, or acne, we will work with you to tailor the right treatments and products for your aesthetic goals and lifestyle.


The highly trained staff at Complexions' cutting-edge facility is experienced with the most advanced technologies available today. We offer comprehensive treatments for body contouring, hyperhidrosis and underarm odor, the repair of sun damage to skin, as well as laser hair removal, rosacea & acne treatments and more.

Board Certified

Complexions Medical Spa in Hampton, NH provides health and beauty services to the seacoast in a casual, coastal location that is both easy to get to and discreetly located within a medical building. Our expert team consists of Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, and a licensed Esthetician. They are all here to partner with you on your journey to looking and feeling your best - inside and out! Whether you are looking to improve your inner wellness or enhance your outward beauty, our medically supervised and experienced staff will keep you looking and feeling your very best with the latest in minimally invasive treatments and wellness therapies.

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