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Complexions offers a number of advanced medical aesthetic treatments for skin rejuvenation and wellness. Many of these procedures may be new or unfamiliar to some people. That is why we offer a complementary client evaluation. We take a personal consultative approach to determining the right treatment regimen that suits your skin type and lifestyle.

One-on-one consultations that are designed to create customized treatment plans along with personalized skincare regimens to lead you to your aesthetic goals.



Aging happens day in and day out, doing your best to avoid this process is no simple task to handle alone. Do you want to look your age today, ten years from now? At complexions we make it simple for you by tailoring a unique anti-aging treatment regimen to suit your skins and your lifestyle. Looking your best has never been so easy! It’s simple. It’s Complexions.


Botox & Injectables

Complexions offers an array of different injectable options to suit your needs and aesthetic desires. Whether your goal is to reduce unwanted fat, prevent wrinkles, eliminate dark circles, or to plump your lips for that perfect pout, injectables are your answer. Our board certified nurse practitioner will create a treatment regimen that suits both your body and your lifestyle.

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At Complexions, we’re committed to bringing you innovative technologies that offer exceptional value and results. We are thrilled to offer CoolSculpting, a unique technology that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn and unwanted fat that’s especially difficult to get rid of even with diet and exercise. It’s noninvasive with no downtime. CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared and is a safe and effective alternative to surgical liposuction. The results from CoolSculpting are long-lasting, noticeable and well documented.


Additional Services



Acne is most common in teenagers and young adults. Symptoms range from uninflamed blackheads to pus-filled pimples or large, red, and tender bumps. Treatments often include over-the-counter creams and cleanser, as well as prescription antibiotics.


Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can be a source of frustration and embarrassment, growing everywhere from upper lips and underarms to backs and bikini lines. And shaving, waxing and plucking only go so far before they’re needed again — which is why some people are seeking a more permanent solution.


Hair Restoration

PRP Hair restoration uses the same techique as the well known Vampire Facial. Spinning a vial of the clients blood in a centrifuge to seperate the Platent Rich Plasma, then the process is simple yet meticulous — with injections beginning across the scalp, approximately at every half inch over the area of thinning hair — but typically, the entire procedure takes less than a half hour.



We all know somone whom suffers from Migranes, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, ADD or ADHD. At Complexions we're here to help, with proven technologies like LENS, or Low Energy Neurofeedback System, which is a unique, effective and safe form of neurotherapy that facilitates changes in people of all ages with a wide variety of presenting issues.


Xtreme Lashes

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Complexions’ skin care specialists offer a choice of two different types of wax for the face and body. Both types of wax are formulated for sensitive skin types. Our extremely gentle soft wax is applied thinly on the skin and removed with a soft muslin strip.


IMAGE Facials

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